AC/DC Graffiti Lane in Melbourne

Canberra is the political capital, Sydney is the financial capital, but Melbourne is know as the street art capital of Australia. Melbourne has murals and graffiti scattered all around the city in narrow alleyways, and they are hard to miss even if you’ve had too much of the single origin roast.

Neighbouring a frequently toured graffiti street, Hosier Lane, is a lesser known side-paths called the ACDC Lane. Ironically, it’s original name was Corporation Lane, which was renamed in October 2004, honouring the legendary hard rock band out of Sydney – AC/DC.

The street is somewhat devoid of establishments – a few bars and restaurants, but that may be apt given its number one occupant on the street: Cherry Bar.

Countless rock musicians have visited Cherry Bar after their gigs; some even considered acquiring it for its character. It has survived the flaunting of the riches, and is currently owned by its founders Jim, Pete, and James. The smell of teenage punk sweat mixed with spilled cheap alcohol is what you get for ignoring the foreshadowing of chaotic stencils and tags at the entrance to the bar.