Magic Shutter

Magic Shutter is an awesome app that lets you develop long exposure photographs on your iPhone. The video is self explanatory:

According to Wired, the app uses image processing to some extent to provide the effects, so this is not a straightforward long exposure app. The app has several camera modes and this programming allows you to adjust your phone to get the desired effect.

via. Petapixel

Become an Apple Campus Rep at your college

Apple – Education – Become an Apple Campus Rep at your college:

You’ll host workshops, throw events, and build relationships with students, faculty, and parents. You’ll collaborate with the Apple team to run marketing programs on campus, from sales promotions to increasing awareness of Apple products.

Too bad I am graduating. If not for my senior status, I would be an expert.

iPhone Antenna Failure: Make a Human Antenna

Gruber translates Apple’s open letter to the consumers regarding antenna failures:★ Translation From Apple’s Unique Dialect of PR-Speak to English of the ‘Letter From Apple Regarding iPhone 4’.

Why not use a human being as an antenna, or an antenna extension? If you are holding the phone already, you can conduct; or is it technologically impossible?