Facebook’s Tag a Friend “Feature”

Tag a Friend

Tag a Friend

Facebook keeps squashing some very specific personal privacies. A feature to recognize faces might be great on a personal desktop application like iPhoto, but not on a web app. This could mean that they are trying harder and harder to be the new CIA – data mining for personal data. This goes as far as forcing people to tag others’ photos without their consent. I know for a fact people try to untag themselves from photographs; why force them to be tagged? Information wants to be free, but only when you let it be: not forced.

P.S. I don’t know that girl. Never met her, never talked to her. The photo was taken at Sashko Lirnyk’s (pictured male in the back) storytelling venue at the Sheshory Music Festival.

kiev -> Kyiv

The official spelling of Ukraine’s capital is Kyiv. Wikipedians don’t seem to get that at all. Perhaps they are only misinformed (malinformed) by the remaining imperialists.

Here are some good arguments:

  • CIA refers to the city as Kyiv

Source: http://kyiv.of-cour.se/

So what are you waiting for? You don’t need to be afraid of Kyiv! It’s a beautiful city, and it only sounds right with Kyiv.

iPhone Boot Logo

While trying to update my iPhone to iOS 4, I was disappointed with the selection of boot logos on the internet that I came up wit the following two (somewhat Ukrainian theme) on my own:

Kozak iPhone Boot Logo Kozak iPhone Boot Logo 2

Both of them are PNG files to suit the system requirements. I acquired them through some digging around on Google Image Search.

The author of the first work appears to be Ukrainian from Kyiv. The artist’s page did not provide any details apart from his location: Shakll. Also, take a look at his impressive photo album.

The second illustration is meant to replace an error screen. The author is unknown.